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Churches are now able to open again to limited numbers. However, as well as restrictions for numbers and only family groups sitting together, records need to be kept for track and trace. That is where we come in. Unlike some other systems where you can only book a set number of seats, we allow family groups to select where they sit (much like when booking cinema or concert tickets). This more intelligent system allows for better use of your space and is fully customisable for the number of seats you have available and the number of empty seats required between family groups. Our system can be embedded into most existing church websites with little technical knowledge. Once a visitor has entered their details, they then can reserve seats with a view such as:



Once they have reserved all the seats for their family group they will be saved with the number of selected required seats (that you specify) around them blocked to maintain social distancing. Your church can then login to view or download the reservations as needed. You can also allow people to print a ticket or display an e-ticket with a seat number to simply finding their seat on arrival.

To sign your church up to this service please contact us via our Sign up form and we will guide you through the process.

In compliance with GDPR legislation, visitors' details are stored for 21 days for the purpose of track and trace before being deleted.

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If you are interested in using us for your church, please fill in the following details and we will get back to you. Currently we are best suited to churches with seating for up to 200 people (although current restrictions will reduce this). Our basic package for 1 service a week with seat selection costs £50 a year (can be upgraded later). Please get in touch for other options or a demonstration based on your seating requirements.

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